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Pilates Workout Ring

Pilates Workout Ring - Smiley Giant

Pilates Workout Ring

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Work from home, exercises at home!

No excuse NOT to do your daily exercise in the comfort of your own home.


Prevent dull and tiresome exercise programs by using this Pilates Workout Ring

Pilates is a great way of strengthening the body, improving your core strength and general fitness.  Pilates Workout Ring is like having your own portable Pilates studio, helping you to make muscles stronger and burn fat easily, effectively and comfortably. It has also been shown to be effective in training pelvic muscles to reduce urinary losses.

Slim down and firm up your whole body in a very targeted and methodical manner. The spring-like resistance method, repetitive movements and pressure that you exert while exercising with the Pilates Workout Ring, provides your body with a deep, and thorough workout! This resistance ring lets you target your upper body, waist and even your legs, by allowing you to do a wide variety of different exercises that provide you with a full-body workout, to help you firm up and slim down.   

The Pilates Circle Resistance Ring can help you control your exercises, holding your arms or legs in the correct position. Providing resistance for both the upper and lower body, the ring can also enhance your core muscle control, developing your strength and stability further.

The Essential Accessory That Takes Care of Your Shape. Who says you have to suffer to reach your goal of having a thin, and toned body? This exercise ring allows you to perform an array of injury-free movements. It's the perfect fitness equipment to ease you gently into a safe exercise routine. 

Exercise routines don't have to be boring or tedious to work! Prevent dull, tiresome exercise programs by using the Pilates Resistance Ring. The large variety of exercises that you can perform with this versatile equipment means that your routine will be anything but repetitive. Whether you're in the mood to work out your arms, chest, waist, thighs, or buttocks, this piece of exercise equipment will help you precisely target all of the right areas. Vary your routine and switch it up, focusing on the exact muscles you want to target, while adding a little bit of fun to the task at hand. 

True universal exercise ring for Pilates  

  • The Magic Exercise Ring is¬†portable, ultra-lightweight¬†and¬†compact, making it easy to put away¬†after use.
  • Don't spend any more¬†unnecessary money¬†on an expensive gym membership! Save money while you can effectively work yourself into sweat in your own¬†familiar¬†environment.
  • Adds problem areas such as¬†arms, abdomen, legs,¬†and¬†thighs¬†effectively, making them not only¬†stronger¬†but also¬†thinner.
  • Made of glass fibre with a rubber coating that makes the Ring flexible and of strong quality. No matter how often you train with it, the ring always springs back to its original form. It is resistant to corrosion due to perspiration and is totally indestructible.¬†

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