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3D Ultrasonic Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier

3D Ultrasonic Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier - Smiley Giant

3D Ultrasonic Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier

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A Diffuser that Doubles as a Spectacular Home Decor Piece!

Our 3D Ultrasonic Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier will keep the air fresh while being a beautiful design object for your home. 

Advanced ultrasonic vaporising technology quietly releases a soothing fragrant mist. It calms and promotes a sedative effect which is especially beneficial for sleep. In combination with essential oils it can reduce stress, improve mental clarity and uplift the mood on a natural basis.

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3D Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier contains an intricate light pattern that resembles fireworks frozen in time - a truly unique work of art! A changing array of colours flash as LED lights shift through 7 mesmerising patterns, providing hours of relaxation. Holds up to 1L of water that lasts 4-8 hours. A timer can be set to stop the device on a schedule.

The device works with all essential oils - provide you and your skin the best environment, whether you're resting or at work.

  • Relaxing & Soothing For Better Sleep 😴 
  • Easy To Clean 🧼
  • High Quality Strong Mist Vaporiser 🌬️
  • 3D Illuminating Glass Cover 💎

FireDiffuser - Firework Humidifer & Oil Diffuser
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Diffusers have a variety of benefits. The scents emanating from the device can help you sleep, elevate your mood, ease your breathing, eliminate pain, help with cognitive functions, ward off illnesses, and purify the air in your home! 3D Fireworks Diffuser Humidifier is the perfect, natural relaxation tool that doubles as a wonderful home decor piece!

Fireworks™️ Diffuser



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