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Anion SPA Shower Head

Anion SPA Shower Head - Smiley Giant

Anion SPA Shower Head

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  Rejuvenate Your Skin and Hair With Powerful Ionised Water       Enjoy Home Spa Shower Experience

Chlorine, heavy metals, iron in your water damages your hair and skin.

Scaling in your shower head makes your water dirty.

Low water pressure leads to unpleasant shower experience.

New Negative Ion Shower Head

Your health may be compromised every single day when you step in and out of your shower, poor water quality leads to premature ageing, hair loss, dull hair, throat issues, heart disease, respiratory complications and more.

Our innovative shower head contains mineral beads that allow the water purification, thanks to its chelant property that captures chlorine, chloramine, fluorine, heavy metals and bacteria in a natural and effective way.

  • Purifies water, removes Chlorine & Bacteria & Chemicals
  • Enriches water with beneficial minerals, improves Hair & Skin Health
  • Up to 30% Water Saving, save the planet as well as your pocket
  • Better power showering experience, 3 X Increased Water Pressure


Have a home spa shower after your day of busy work, it will eliminate your daily fatigue and improve the quality of time you spend with your loved ones at home. 

Your skin and hair will look more radiant thanks to the water purification and the hydrodynamic massage that increases the blood flow to the skin.

Also with its increased output strength, it eliminates any type of soap or shampoo residue and even dead skin cells.


There are three waterfall modes to help you to relax, which gives you the chance to adapt the shower to your needs, personalising your experience and enhancing your shower experience.





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