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Super Flexi

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Magic Gap Dust Cleaner with Two Micro-fibre Dusters

Give Your Family A Cleaner Environment With Green Cleaning

Do you regularly clean the corners, gaps, and tiny spaces under your bed, sofa, and furniture in your house? Dust built up in those neglected places may cause serious health issues, such as breathing difficulty, asthma attack, eye irritation, coughing, and sneezing, especially to those who are allergic to dust, or with young and elderly family members. Regularly cleaning those most commonly neglected areas will create a much cleaner environment for your family.

 Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning Artifact (BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING) - leitemall

Our Super Flexi provides a perfect solution to your daily life.

FLEXIBLE BENDING for easy reach into the corners, gaps, and tiny spaces that are difficult to be cleaned regularly.
      VERSATILE USE: Can be used to clean floors, showers, tiles, toilets, carpets, upholstery, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and stovetops. 
        EASY TO CLEAN REMOVABLE MICRO-FIBRE COVER: The micro-fibre feather technology uses millions of tiny fibre to quickly trap dust, dirt, and allergens so you can clean effortlessly without using harmful chemicals! Remove the cover and wash it any time, then put it back on when dry! With durable premium quality, it will last you many years.

                Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning Artifact (BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING) - leitemall

                Two sizes to choose: non-telescopic and telescopic for longer reach. 

                SPACE SAVING option with Mop Storage Rack for convenient wall hanging storage.

                  Who don't want Green and Clean home for your family?


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