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Magnetic Snore Stopper

Magnetic Snore Stopper - Smiley Giant

Magnetic Snore Stopper

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Sleeping next to someone who snores can be extremely aggravating and disruptive, are you tire of countless sleepless nights?

Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction of your airway. As you fall asleep, muscles in your soft palate, throat and tongue relax. 

If those muscles relax too much, they can fall into the back of your throat and partially obstruct your airway. As you breathe, the air passes through the blocked airway and causes snoring.

The  Magnetic Snore Stopper is a breakthrough in new-aid technology, that treats snoring and sleep apnea, that people will actually use!  

Our  Magnetic Snore Stopper uses a special magnet to spread the nostrils, which significantly improves nasal breathing and air supply. Preventing snoring instantly. You can finally fall asleep again!

It's easy to use! Simply insert the vent into the nostrils and sleep quietly and peacefully. This device effectively reduces nose snoring by maximising air flow through the nasal passageways. 


  • INSTANTLY STOP SNORING-¬†our new magnetic nose clip is the solution for all sleep snorers! Promote the enlargement of the nostrils by improving the breathing of the nose. It can instantly solve the problem of nasal congestion and snoring.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT-¬†We use ultra-soft silicone, which has no foreign body and pressure when used, and is more comfortable to wear. It is suitable for all kinds of nostrils, safe and convenient, and can be used repeatedly. Continuous wearing can alleviate snoring. Enjoy your sound sleep from now on.
  • NO SNORING ANYMORE-¬†The powerful magnetic forces ensure that the anti-snore devices stay securely in the nose and do not slip out. Wearing these sleep apnea devices allows you to breathe through your nose while you sleep and no longer have a dry mouth in the morning! greatly improved your sleeping and snoring.
  • HIGH QUALITY-¬†Our magnetic nose clip is made of high-quality food-grade EVA material, 100% food-grade, completely free of BPA, non-toxic and tasteless, and reliable in quality. The nasal dilator is easy to use and clean.
  • EASY TO USE-¬†Best quality magnetic nose clip, just hold your nose while you sleep. No pain or injury to the nose will increase the air of sleep. You can use nasal forceps in many sports, such as jogging and hiking, for better and more effective breathing.



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