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Ultrasonic Electric Pest Repeller

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Ultrasonic Electric Pest Repeller

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Our Ultrasonic Pest Repellent is the most innovative, effective, and SAFE way to get rid of unwanted pests.

Protect your pets and family from unwanted pests 24/7. Reduce your Vet Bills. Give your family a healthier environment.

Protect your precious pets by giving them a pest-free living. Are they scratching themselves often? Then you need to try this pest repeller. 

Eliminate up to 94% of parasites on your pet's body by emitting ultrasonic waves, 100% safe to use.

Other collars are full of toxins and can irritate your pet's skin. With only ultrasonic waves, this repeller is free from any harmful ingredients to keep your pet free from fleas and pests.

How it works? The Ultrasonic Electric Pest Repeller uses inaudible sound-waves that will not only show pests the way out of your home, but it will also prevent new, disease carrying creatures from entering your home! Protects against mice, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders and all other insects!
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Removes 94% of Fleas and Pests with ultrasonic waves, imperceptible to humans and pets, but effective in interfering with the brain's ability of parasites to do their job, effectively making them walk/fly away.
  • 100% SAFE. Instead of usual chemicals used in pest control collars, pills or ointments, this product is toxic-free and harmless to pets and humans, protecting your pets so they can live a healthy life.

  • RECHARGEABLE. USB rechargeable, fast charging supported. Battery life lasts for 14 days after each charge
  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. This repeller will not dangle too far down your pet's body, it will go unnoticed on your pet. It is made of lightweight strong material, your pets will hardly notice it on!

  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS. We waste no time when it comes to your pet's well-being. Fleas will instantly be chased away by the ultrasonic waves, relieving your pet of discomfort.
  • MONEY SAVER. Instead of expensive vet visits and ineffective products, this repeller will do the same job but better at an affordable price.

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