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Walk Glide Extendable Mop

Walk Glide Extendable Mop - Smiley Giant

Walk Glide Extendable Mop

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Do you still scrub your skirting boards on hands and knees?

We're here to help you clean these places in record time with minimum effort!


Our Walk Glide Extendable Mop features a telescopic handle that adjusts to just the right length so you can effortlessly clean your skirting boards without bending down and causing back pain. Just hold the handle and let the microfiber cleaning pads do the rest. The super-soft pad conforms to the shape of your trim, so it thoroughly cleans every surface area. No more scrubbing on hands and knees, the swivel head of the Walk Glide Extendable Mop lets you clean and buff trim at any angle. From skirting boards to door frames, windows, and ceilings - make cleaning work a piece of cake. 

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Telescopic handle adjusts for high or low places: No need to put up with a sore, aching back for a clean home. The Adjustable Conforming Walk Glide Mop features a telescopic handle that rotates at the head, too. This will allow you to clean up high or down low- all you have to do is hold it and glide it along. 

Flexible: The 360-degree swivel action head enables you to clean skirting boards, door frames and other surfaces from any angle


Conforms to any shape: The Walk Glide Extendable Mop features a microfiber pad that conforms and moulds to your skirting board or trim's unique shapes. This guarantees thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny. Simply ride it along the top and side of areas you wish to clean.

Use dry or wet: Use the Walk Glide Extendable Mop dry for simple, everyday routine cleaning. When you want to restore your surfaces to their new-paint look and sheen, simply use it wet and glide along. Your skirting boards will look brand-new and like it is freshly-painted!


Space saving storage and reusable Micro-fibre cleaning pad: Collapsible handle Breaks down for easy storage. After each use, simply just rinse and reuse cleaning pad for next time.

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