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Lint Removal Vacuum Hose Attachment

Lint Removal Vacuum Hose Attachment - Smiley Giant

Lint Removal Vacuum Hose Attachment

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Prevent Deadly Dryer Fires Caused By Lint!

Clothes dryer lint is a fire hazard, lint builds up in the lint trap, as well as inside the dryer vent and ductwork, reducing airflow and drying efficiency. Lint can cause humidity levels to rise around vents causing mould to develop in walls and insulation. But most importantly: Lint is combustible. Lint causes fires. Regular cleaning can protect your family and your home.


But are you struggling to keep your dryer lint-free? Then this lint remover vacuum attachment is just the device you need for easy and effortless cleanup!

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Fighting with your vacuum to reach inside your dryer vent is a futile task. Even tapered vacuum attachments only go so far. Now you can reach deep inside your dryer vent and suck up years of built-up dryer lint with this Vacuum Hose Attachment! It’s the easiest way to clean your dryer. A clogged dryer works harder and can lead to costly dryer repair –- or worse, a deadly vent fire. 


  • Removes lint build-up: Dryer Vent Vacuum Hose Head removes years lint build-up deep within your dryer vent, so your appliance runs more efficiently
  • Over 3.5-Feet Long: Handy vacuum hose attachment measures over 3.5-feet long to reach deep into difficult places; Perfect for cleaning behind appliances you can’t move
  • Suction Control:  Switch between 3 suction control settings to best suit your cleaning needs. Perfect for light cleanups and a heavy-duty power clean
  • Cleans deeper & sends lint right into your vac bag
  • Helps Prevent Fires: Using Vacuum Hose Attachment regularly to clean your dryer vent and help prevent deadly dryer vent fires from sparking