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Upgraded Hanging Neck Fan

Upgraded Hanging Neck Fan - Smiley Giant

Upgraded Hanging Neck Fan

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The Most Effective Way to Beat the Heat

Stay Cool With This Ultimate Hand-free  Neck Fan

No matter how much you need warmth, when it becomes too much on a deadly hot day, it is time to get a comforting waft of a light breeze,  to save your face from sweating severely and help against severe hot flashes.

Our Newly Upgraded hanging neck fan is a hand-free device which provides good stream of air, simply place it around your neck and you'll have your own personal cooling system with you at all times, whether you are by the pool, on a walk, at home or in office.

The lightweight cool Upgraded Hanging Neck Fan won’t hurt your neck even for long-time wearing.

It is very convenient for indoor or outdoor use. 4 hours fully charged mini portable fan can last for 4-12 hours working (different speed).

Compatible with any USB port, it is simple to charge it by a computer, laptop, power bank, USB Charger, cellphone adaptor, car charger, etc.

One-button control (switch on/off and wind speed), truly hands-free design, it is simple to use. Adopting a unique curved design, the fan heads can be rotated 360 degrees, to enjoy the breeze from any direction.

Easy to carry and store, perfectly suitable for outdoor sports, indoor exercises, offices, gym, travelling and camping.


  • Free Your HandsHand-free fan was designed as a neckband to free your hands anywhere. 
  • 3 Adjustable Speed Level: Low/Medium/High-speed level. Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button.
  • Powerful Dual Windhead: Feel more powerful wind flow with the dual wind head. They are 360 degrees adjustable to fit the perfect angle. 
  • USB Rechargeable: Lithium battery built-in fan was powered by USB. When fully charged it can work up to 4-12 hours.
  • Two styles and five colours, please specify which style when order.

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